Mini Gazoobee Toy
Mini Gazoobee Toy
Mini Gazoobee Toy

Mini Gazoobee Toy

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This toy is a foraging toy and enrichment toy. This awesome toy provides tons of stimulation for your glider. There is a bowl that they can use for a nap, you can fill it with balls for a ball pit, you can fill it with small plastic toys, or you can just put some treats in there for them. The bottom has two foraging cups that will be a little trickier for them to retrieve their favorite treats from. It's also decorated with tons of charms that they just love to check out and play with.

Measurements: Approximately 16 inches long and 6 inches wide

THE TOP RING IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN PINK OR BROWN, all other colors can be customized. The color choices for this toy are endless! I have dozens of different colors for all parts needed. I can also custom match to any fabric or cage set that you already have.

Please also choose a character for this toy. 

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Processing times are currently 1-2 weeks. I try my hardest to get orders out within a few days though. Please let me know ahead of time if you are in a rush to get your order.